January 2021 Threat Report

It’s no secret that the pandemic has transformed the world beyond recognition and that every facet of daily business has evolved at tremendous speed. This is especially true for the technical aspects of working life and the increasing likelihood of a cyber attack.

Cyber security experts predict that in 2021, there will be a cyber attack incident every 11 seconds. This is nearly twice what it was in 2019 (every 19 seconds), and four times the rate of five years ago (every 40 seconds in 2016).

In 2021, Businesses, Governments and Institutions have already faced a barrage of cyber threats, causing large scale disruption, financial losses and reputational damage. The key to preventing these attacks and minimising their impact is proactively putting in place security measures. Fortunately, there are many straightforward steps businesses can take to better secure their network.

With one in five UK workers receiving no training on cyber security, this threat report educates organisations on recent and trending cyber attacks, the rise of ransomware as a service, new cyber vulnerabilities and remediations to secure your business’s network.

Trending Cyber Attacks

2020 saw the decline of office-based work and the adoption of home working. With businesses extending the traditional network perimeter to unsecure homeworking locations, threat actors are exploiting vulnerabilities within the IT infrastructure and using it to their advantage.

According to the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport breach survey, 86% of businesses experienced some form of phishing
attack in 2020. Phishing attacks are considered by far the most disruptive type of attack that organisations face.

Throughout 2020 variations of malware have increased. New research suggests 60% of businesses experienced malware activity which spread from one employee to another.

Bitdefender reports ransomware attacks increased seven-fold in 2020, with the rapid migration to cloud computing contributing to such rises. 19% of reported attacks resulted in some form of payment.

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