2020 saw Kryptokloud partner with LCFC, upholding our ethos in supporting local businesses, educational institutes, charities and veteran organisations. The partnership gave Kryptokloud exclusive naming rights to the south stand (formerly the Bridge McFarland Stand) and has now been formally renamed to the “KryptoKloud End”.

Cyber-attacks are becoming a daily reality for companies of all sizes yet, little is universally known about cyber-crime, its consequences and sophistication. The NCSC reports that the UK experiences 65,000 cyber attacks a day, with a successful attack occurring every 19 seconds. Attackers are developing new ways to gain unauthorised access to network, programs and data. Attackers aim to compromise the confidentiality; integrity and availability of information which can lead to extensive financial and reputational damage. KryptoKloud actively works with LCFC to support their cyber operations and looks to deepen its relationship with the club in the near future.

KryptoKloud Non Executive Chairman, Gary Headland sat down with LCFC to showcase the importance of cybersecurity, as well as our support for the Imps.

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Christmas Competition results

Throughout the pandemic, LCFC has worked closely with KryptoKloud to provide numerous opportunities for fans to get their hands on imps merchandise alongside KryptoKloud goodies. Christmas saw KryptoKloud hold its biggest competition to date, with business owners having the opportunity to win an executive box experience, signed memorabilia and numerous KryptoKloud goodies. Over 30 local and regional companies entered the competition!

After adjudication, we are delighted to congratulate the following businesses and individuals.

1st prize (Executive box experience)

Jez Wall: Comelec.

2nd prize ( Signed memorabilia and KryptoKloud goodies)

James Sewell: Wright Vigar.

3rd prize (Kryptobox, full of assorted local produce)

John Carlisle: The Lincoln Tea and Coffee.

The team at KryptoKloud wishes all businesses a successful and prosperous 2021.

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