Cyber-attacks have become a commonplace within the education sector with four out of five providers experiencing some form of breach in 2020. The impact of a breach can be catastrophic with recent research conducted by IBM reporting that a data breach will cost an education provider an average of £3.1 million. These costs are made up of remediation following the attack, getting services back online and putting in place measures to prevent a similar attack happening again. There is also the cost of any IP that is stolen.

However, have you ever wondered what the true impact of a cyber breach could be for an education provider?

After experiencing a major cyber incident in 2020, Lincoln College sat down with KryptoKloud at the AOC conference to discuss how Lincoln College got hit, the consequences of the breach, how it recovered so quickly, the remediation plan in place and what questions principals and CEOs should be asking.

A must watch for all education providers!

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