KryptoKloud partners with DataQube

buy Lyrica online india KryptoKloud's next-generation cyber protection system leverages darknet intelligence to safeguard DataQube's valuable edge data centre assets. DataQube Global Ltd, developer of a breakthrough, 5G-ready edge data centre system, has teamed up with KryptoKloud Ltd, an award-winning cyber intelligence and MSSP provider, to safeguard its invaluable edge computing assets against cybercrime. The collaboration assures heightened protection for the already robust DataQube units by delivering around the clock detection and [...]

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How KryptoKloud Supported Lincoln College Through A Major Cyber Attack

Cyber-attacks have become a commonplace within the education sector with four out of five providers experiencing some form of breach in 2020. The impact of a breach can be catastrophic with recent research conducted by IBM reporting that a data breach will cost an education provider an average of £3.1 million. These costs are made up of remediation following the attack, getting services back online and putting [...]

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E-book: Protecting Education From Cyber Attacks

In 2020 numerous FE and HE providers fell victim to cyber attacks. Ten universities were targeted in the Blackbaud attack, and other attacks targeted establishments including Luminate Education Group, Newcastle University, Dundee & Angus College and Northumbria University. The NCSC has now issued an alert to the education sector to act now, before it is too late. The education sector is vulnerable to attacks due to the [...]

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The Rise Of Ransomware: Why IT Teams Should Be Concerned

Further Education (FE) and Higher Education (HE) Colleges are an attractive target for cyber criminals. As of late May/June 2021, the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) is investigating yet another increase in ransomware attacks against colleges and universities in the UK.  As such, recent research has highlighted that four out of five education providers have experienced a cyber attack at some point in the previous 12 months. [...]

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Securing The Public Sector In 2021 And Beyond

Why is the public sector a major target for cyber-attacks and how can they mitigate the threats? As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, large-scale cyber attacks against the public sector are on the rise, impacting sectors such as education and health. The regular attacks against individuals and companies are becoming more sophisticated and targeted meaning more organisations are falling victim to cyber criminals.   Our CEO, [...]

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The Rise of Supply Chain Attacks

The manufacturing sector has witnessed and continues to witness a significant increase in targeted cyber attacks as a result of increased integrated systems connecting all organisational levels from the shop floor to C-suite.  As such, the sector is reinforcing their cyber security posture by introducing and upgrading technology capabilities. However, one area is consistently overlooked: Securing the supply chain.  According to Accenture Security1, indirect attacks against weak [...]

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Is The Manufacturing Sector Prepared For A Cyber Attack?

Inevitably the manufacturing sector has transformed and will continue to develop into a digitally dependent enterprise implementing advanced technologies such as robotics, AI, Internet of things and augmented reality. As such, the manufacturing sector has become increasingly affected by the frequency, complexity and severity of cyber-attacks.  In response, this week’s message looks at the reasons why the manufacturing sector is such an important high-value target, the type [...]

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Industry 4.0 A Manufacturing Risk

Greater Lincolnshire is one of the UK’s outstanding manufacturing locations, offering high-value, integrated capabilities in advanced engineering and digital technologies, contributing £1.8 billion per year to the local economy and employing 16% (63,000) of Lincolnshire’s workforce1. As such, Greater Lincolnshire has remained at the forefront of pioneering research, driving the sector through sophisticated technology advancements otherwise known as Industry 4.0. But what exactly is Industry 4.0, does [...]

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How Secure Is Your Intellectual Property?

The combination of increasing global competition and changes in the economic environment have influenced the development of business models where Intellectual Property (IP) is a central element establishing value, differential in the market and overall long-term viability for businesses in Lincolnshire and beyond. IP is the ‘life-blood’ of high-tech organisations and can be worth upwards of 85% to the business, according to theonebrief1.  Yet, many businesses still [...]

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Cyber Threats Facing High-Tech Businesses

The high-tech sector provides much of the infrastructure powering the digital transformation of businesses and personal life around the globe. High-tech organisations are the backbone of innovation that is pushing global economies forward and driving change towards a digitally dependent environment. As such, the rapid expansion in high-tech organisation’s digital infrastructures now means that traditional network perimeters are exposed to new cyber threats, with high-tech organisations and [...]

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