Designed by KryptoKloud and aligned to the UK Government backed IASME cyber security frameworks, the Cyber Operational Business Risk Audit (COBRA) offering is a Cyber Security and Data Privacy audit that assesses the cyber maturity and resilience of organisations and provides a risk score together with full remediations required to cover off any risks highlighted. COBRA is a valuable checkpoint for companies.

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What is COBRA?

COBRA is a business resilience check point for organisations of all sizes. With focus on 4x domains – the business, technical, reputation and cyber insurance, COBRA provides a one stop audit of your organisation’s business resilience to prevent and protect against potential threats to your business. The output is a considered RISK Score together with full remediation advice so you can act now to ensure your business is secure. Once COBRA Certified, you will be eligible for FREE Cyber Insurance up to and including your turnover – (max of £5m).

What is included in a COBRA check?

  • KryptoKloud has considered an approach that will provide significant “cyber resilience” assurance to all cyber business activities, providing the business with a cyber risk rating for the organisation.

  • Comprehensive Cyber Due Diligence Audit (Led by the KryptoKloud experienced Cyber Team), aligned to the UK-government backed Cyber Security frameworks together with a Vulnerability Scan of public facing IT infrastructure – culminating in a Deep Web search discovering open source reputational data inc. social media analysis.

  • COBRA provides full remediation advice and is shown in an easy to understand end report.

What are the benefits of COBRA?

  • Once COBRA certified, you will be eligible for comprehensive cyber insurance up to a maximum of your company’s turnover (£5m max).

  • Cyber threat mapping of companies’ external IT facing infrastructure (KryptoSCAN).

  • Vulnerability Assessment of internal IT infrastructure (For COBRA Gold only) (KryptoRADAR).

  • Reputational analysis by KryptoDNA, including a Brand Violation Analysis and Intellectual Property Discovery on the Dark Net as well as social media discovery for reputational damage.

  • When COBRA Certified, your company will be eligible for comprehensive free Cyber Insurance (up to £5m turnover).

COBRA  is delivered by certified cyber security and data privacy specialists using KryptoKloud’s own specialist COBRA technology. This harnesses decades of experience and is presented via a Cyber Due Diligence (CDD) Cyber Report – showing all findings with full remediation advice.

“Business Resilience … Tested”

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