KryptoGuard is our C-Suite Breach Monitoring capability providing 24/7 protection of an organisation’s most valuable assets, the C-Suite executives. As a next-gen managed detection and response service, KryptoGuard is capable of detecting malicious activity – from insider threats to ransomware and can isolate compromised endpoints instantly.

The KryptoGuard service is a Lloyd’s of London cyber MGA accredited solution bringing 24/7 protection to those most at risk of attack.

KryptoGuard Capabilities:

  • Heuristic Anti-Malware Protection – The KryptoGuard platform provides market-leading anti-malware protection by combining comprehensive threat intelligence with AI-driven behaviour analytics to provide protection from both recognised threats and unknown zero-day attacks.

  • Extensive Patch Management – KryptoGuard blocks 80% of attacks outright by ensuring operating systems and third-party software are constantly updated to keep ahead of discovered vulnerabilities and exploits.

  • Automated Ransomware Isolation – With KryptoGuard, devices infected with malware are instantly isolated from the network to contain the threat and to ensure no propagation across the organisation.

  • User Behaviour Analytics (UBA) – The KryptoGuard platform’s UBA capabilities can identify malicious activity, compromised accounts and targeted attacks before the damage is done.

Key Benefits of KryptoGuard:

  • 24/7 Threat Response – KryptoGuard detects and eliminates threats 24/7, ensuring your organisation is always protected.

  • GDPR Alignment – Implementing KryptoGuard can help ensure that you have the right control measures in place to align to GDPR requirements.

  • Cost Effective – KryptoGuard combines various resilience capabilities provided in a single agent that reduces the overspend of separate solutions and provides a fully integrated resilience solution.

  • Lower Risk – Our platform helps prevent data breaches from those with access to critical business assets and information.

For more information about the KryptoGuard service and how it can help secure your organisation’s cyber resilience, download our KryptoGuard datasheet or visit our contact page to get in touch with KryptoKloud and learn more.

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