KryptoKloud’s simulated phishing, security education awareness service – KryptoPhish – provides effective simulated phishing campaigns, tailored specifically to your organisation.

Simulated Phishing Campaigns

KryptoPhish Capabilities:

Phishing vulnerability insight – KryptoPhish services replicate the methods used by real attackers to provide organisations with a real insight into their vulnerability to sophisticated phishing attacks and help educate employees to spot even the most carefully crafted phishing emails.

Automatic enrolment into phishing awareness training – Allows organisations to test internal suspicious email reporting process and provide granular reporting on user activity in response to a simulated attack. Focused remediation can then come into play by automatically enrolling users into phishing-related awareness training.

Email breach reporting – Provides instant notification when email addresses are found in public data breaches. This information can be used to increase user vigilance against phishing attacks that appear to originate from a legitimate company.

Benefits of KryptoPhish:

Fully Customisable – Our phishing simulations are designed to mimic software products or organisational templates to make them uniquely convincing to your organisation.

In-depth Reporting – With KryptoPhish, users can generate focussed or company-wide reports according to their requirements, giving insight into how often an organisation’s employees click-on or report suspicious emails.
Varied Complexity – Simulated phishing campaigns can be created with a varying degree of complexity, from the simple to the sophisticated.

For more information about the KryptoPhish service and how it can help secure your organisation’s cyber resilience, download our KryptoPhish datasheet or visit our contact page to get in touch with KryptoKloud and learn more.