Advanced Threat Protection

KryptoSOC 360 Advanced Threat Detection and Response XDR Platform simplifies enterprise security by providing a holistic answer to all the organisation’s protection and prevention needs. KryptoSOC 360 is our unique Extended Detection Response (XDR) capability, together with our 24/7 Operational MSSP with internal vulnerability detection and our own bespoke Threat Intelligence Platform, that provides multiple capabilities in a single solution, putting less drain on organisational resources, manpower and budget.

Additionally, the KryptoSOC 360 XDR Platform provides the highest level of enterprise security by correlating indicators across systems, thus increasing visibility and accuracy of detection throughout the organisation, without the need for multiple cyber security solutions.


Endpoint Detection & Response – KryptoSOC 360 platform rapidly deploys and detects threats across thousands of endpoints in under 2 hours. As part of a comprehensive solution, KryptoSOC 360 correlates indicators & provides full visibility across the entire enterprise providing monitoring & detection capabilities.


User & Entity Behaviour Analytics – KryptoSOC 360 platform’s UEBA capabilities help IT security teams identify rogue insiders, compromised accounts and targeted attacks before the damage is done.


Network Analytics – KryptoSOC 360 platform provides full visibility into and analysis of network traffic and activity across the organisation. Discover your unknown unknowns.


Deception – KryptoSOC 360 platform strategically places decoy files, folders, servers and shares, luring an attacker to pre-deployed traps. Tracking mechanisms monitor & provide a clear picture of attacker activity.


Incident Response – KryptoSOC 360 platform provides organisations under attack with 24/7 Global Incident Response, led by a team of highly experienced cyber security experts at KryptoKloud situated in the UK. KryptoKloud has its own Digital Forensics capability.


24/7 SOC Monitoring – KryptoSOC 360’s fully-functional SOC Monitoring team takes an “eyes-on-glass” approach to events happening in real-time, flagging suspicious activity & securing the perimeter.


Threat Intelligence – KryptoSOC 360 platform utilises 20 internal and external databases containing the latest information in Threat Intelligence, as well as integrating input from IOCs. This provides organisations with an extra layer of protection against suspicious and malicious activities.


Forensics – KryptoSOC 360 provides easy tracking of alerts, threats and associated processes within our user friendly GUI. Our Cyber Team can easily manage deep dive forensic investigations, to rapidly identify and investigate suspicious incidents & provide “feet on the ground” incident response.