KryptoTest™ is KryptoKloud’s web application and infrastructure vulnerability scanning service, helping organisations to detect issues in real time. Designed by expert security testers, the KryptoTest platform provides an automated penetration testing capability allowing fixes to be deployed before vulnerabilities are exploited.

KryptoTest Scan Types:

  • GDPR Compliance Scans – KryptoTest can look for potential sources of data leakage in your applications to better help you achieve GDPR compliance.

  • Penetration Testing Scans – KryptoTest can also conduct longer term penetration testing style scans which monitor your application to create a clearer of the long term exposure and threat your application and infrastructure are facing.

  • Malware Scans – KryptoTest can scan for malware on your applications and infrastructure and detect threats such as card skimming scripts and vulnerabilities and crypto-mining malware.

Benefits of KryptoTest:

  • Workflow System – Our KryptoTest platform has an in-built workflow system so that each individual vulnerability can be assigned to a person or team to resolve.

  • Vulnerability Reports – Using our platform we can provide you with a comprehensive guide to your vulnerabilities and exposure, giving you full understanding of exactly what your risks are and how to counter them.

  • Risk Scoring – KryptoTest assigns vulnerabilities with a threat score, comprised of their impact level and likelihood of exploitation and each vulnerability can be tracked and given deadlines for remediation, ensuring that you can prioritise your fixing process and secure your system as soon as possible.

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