KryptoVault is KryptoKloud’s new secure, offline critical data storage service.

How do you protect your company’s crown jewel data?

Step 1: Identify what is vital for the success and stability of your organisation.

This could be the blueprints for a design or building, a financial database, source code being developed for a major client.

Step 2 – Build your defences

Once critical assets and sensitive data has been identified, it is time to build up defences to protect them. The more effective the defensive measures put in place, greater the deterrent to attackers.

Time and budget constraints are often a factor in information security efforts and many companies have limited resources to work with. Where this is the case, the focus should be in protecting crown jewel data.


KryptoVault offers a crown jewel deposit box service providing:


Offline, air-locked and secure storage for up to 1TB of critical business data.


Cloud-free infrastructure with no visible internet-based attack surface, providing GDPR compliant secure data deposit box storage.

Monitored 24/7 by KryptoGuard, a Lloyds of London accredited service.

Restricted access provided only when needed by your organisation.

SLA tailored for each client.

Not intended as a routine backup service.