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KryptoKloud delivers cyber security security solutions to businesses across the globe and we operationalise our services for your business resilience.

Cyber & MSSP Services


  • KryptoGuard™ is our new C-Suite breach monitoring solution, providing detection and protection for those most at risk of targeted attack.

  • KryptoGuard™ provides a range of endpoint and network protection capabilities encompassed under one service in order to simplify improve your cyber resilience.


  • KryptoTest™ is our Web Application and Infrastructure scanning service, helping you to understand your organisation’s vulnerabilities

  • We can offer flexible scanning to suit your requirements, from 24/7 to weekly, monthly or annually checks, and provide you with a comprehensive vulnerability report.


  • KryptoSCAN™ is a high level “Attack Surface” profile scan of your external facing servers and or URLs. KryptoSCAN™ operates at 3 levels;

    • Level 1 is our basic scan – looking at the most common 1000 TCP Ports, 100 common UDP Ports
    • Level 2 is our intermediate offering, scanning, in addition to the top 1000 TCP Ports, additional information about the services and their protection level and the OS detected together with the SSL Certificate being used.
    • Level 3 is a comprehensive scan of all TCP Ports with enhanced information on services and their configuration with OS detection, detailed SSL Certificate information and a full TraceRoute analysis.
  • All KryptoSCAN™ services can be requested via our Web Portal. Contact one of the team at KryptoKloud for further information.


  • KryptoVault™ from KryptoKloud is our secure, offline critical data storage service offering; ensuring a 100% safe data deposit box service for your Crown Jewel data.

  • Your company’s Crown Jewel data comprises the information that is most important to the organisation concerned. Critical data such as financial data, customer databases and intellectual property. Put simply, it is the information that you cannot afford to lose and will give you piece of mind that your companies most important asset will be protected.


  • KryptoDNA™ is our own new Threat Intelligence platform with Neural and Machine learning.

  • KryptoDNA™ can help you ascertain the exposure of your critical data and assets, even on the Dark Web.


  • KryptoKloud’s simulated phishing, security education awareness service – KryptoPhish™ – provides effective simulated phishing campaigns, tailored specifically to your organisation.

  • KryptoPhish™ allows organisations to test internal suspicious email reporting processes and provides granular reporting on user activity in response to the simulated attack. Focused remediation can then be affected with users being automatically enrolled into phishing-related user awareness training.

KryptoKloud Consultancy

KryptoKloud provides a suite of CyberSecurity & Business Resilience consultancy to many organisations and businesses across the globe.

Consultancy Services

  • Compliancy – Many customers need to maintain regulatory compliance to industry and regulatory standards.

  • KryptoSOC Compliance Packs can provide you with real time compliance to industry leading standards such as: PCI DSS, ISO 27001, SOX, HIPAA, GPG-13, FISMA & GDPR, etc.

  • Data Privacy Consultancy for SMEs – KryptoKloud has been instrumental in delivering expansive Data Loss Prevention solutions for global organisations and can offer assistance in establishing an effective DLP solution to SMEs.

  • Digital Forensics & eDiscovery – KryptoKloud has its own forensic capability in conjunction with EvidenceTalks Ltd and our own suite of Spektor Forensic and Analysis capabilities.

  • Incident Response – KryptoKloud can handle all of your Incident Response activities – and provide a call off contract for that piece of mind.

  • Cyber Insurance – KryptoKloud is working towards several close partnerships to best help protect our current and future clients with regards to effective Cyber Insurance. Further information will be provided in due course.

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