“Bear With Me” – KryptoKloud’s Charity Contest

KryptoBear looking at it's reflection in the window.

If you have looked at our website or our LinkedIn posts, you will have noticed a certain furry friend of ours dotted about. It’s our most famous member of staff, ‘KryptoBear’ who has been photographed across the country and indeed the globe, getting up to all sorts of adventures.

But KryptoBear’s jolly jaunts haven’t just been for fun. Every December, the KryptoKloud team go through the photographs and select an array of the star snap shots that impress. From these pictures, the finest will be selected and £1000 donated to the charity of the budding photographer’s choice.

This year’s line-up is incredible. How many Bears have been both sides of the Atlantic, seen the inside of a cockpit of a Boeing 787 and even had their picture taken with the two time Heavyweight World Champion Tyson Fury?!

Baloo, Boo-boo, Paddington, Rupert, Winnie and Yogi –

Eat your heart out!


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